Social media…addict!

At one point, I used to say “whore” although realized that too many negative connotations came with that—even though I believed that I was just making a joke.

I love social media. I don’t know why. I am obsessed with watching relationships—how and why people connect. Then I also thoroughly enjoy the ability to share—whether it’s an outburst of creative pursuits or the sudden urge to shout to the world I AM HERE, LISTEN TO ME.

Like Facebook, Friendster, orkut…and many others, I was excited to be part of Google+. I immediately customized my circles and invited as many people as possible (although I filtered only to those people that I considered people-I wanted-to-contact). I changed my photo to something normal for once (a random iPhone photo that I took). And I hung out.

Unlike many people, I used Google Buzz as long as possible until it took too much effort to do both.

FIRST. In some way, that was partially the reason that I was bouncing up and down to play. I am an early adopter for new (“free”) services.

I am willing to waste time, because that’s who I am.

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