I don’t think that this would work for you

Beer, brisket and football will all come together for Elixir’s BBQ kick off on Sunday, August 21.

Watch the NFL pre-season game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers, all while enjoying a $10 all-you-can-eat buffet…

My dad saw this and was instantly entranced. $10. All you can eat! Football.

But I balked.

Hipsters. Alcohol. The loud bar scene. The casualness of it all. Uncomfortable chairs. Badly lit rooms.

I couldn’t imagine my parents in their early sixties enjoying a scene reserved for hipsters half their age. In an effort to compromise, I provided three alternatives—quiet expensive restaurants perfect for impressing and delicate cuisine that catered to their tastes. I thought about the very American culture here in the city and the casualness that took years of adjusting.

But it was a stern no over their phone in accented English I think it’s a better option and it’s the price we want.

In retort, I said, “I can’t be liable if you don’t have a good time. My liability is released upon acceptance.”

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