The first hour of the epic bike ride

On Tuesday, I completed a 40+ mile bike ride from my place in SF Mission to the Sunnyvale Palm Campus. Why? Let’s finish that story later.

5:45 am Alarm goes off. I am confused because it is dark. Then I realize that it is the day.

6:00 am I finally roll out of bed and grab my things together. I wash up and put on my bike pants and clima-cool top.

6:20 am I respond to a frantic txt/phone call. Can Davor park in front of your place? Yes. I respond about 8 minutes later.

6:31 am I ride the one block to Ritual Roasters expecting that I am the last one to arrive. I see Sashimi and he says that Teddy is inside getting coffee. Well…ok…I head back to my place to wait for Davor. We decide that we should start at my place.

6:33 am I spot Davor awkwardly parking his BMW to the side. My phone is ringing—knowing it is him, I pull right in front of his car waving at him. Perpendicular! I say and gesture to completely block my driveway.

6:40 am I see a few others and wave at them to stop at my place. I hop around, half-wondering what I got myself in to. Someone mentions that it will be hot as he looks at the cloudless horizon. I decide to drop off my jacket and eat part of my banana nut bread. Francis buys breakfast at the gas station a block away.

6:58 am Sashimi and others come by… I complain that we are probably waking up my roommates – knowing how voices echo through the windows in my building. And then we’re off…

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