My vice and addiction is sugar

Despite an ice cream break in the early afternoon and another in the evening, I returned to my apartment suddenly in a fervor to find the same high.

Initially, I filled it by the chocolate tea — that I had carefully selected from the mind-blowing initial sip at the Chocolate Museum in Cuzco, Peru. But it was not enough after I was staring at an empty wrapper on the ground — remnants of this morning’s chomping of Korean chocolate cookies. I found an artisinal caramel on my desk — unsure what the origin was — perhaps an organic farm part of my locavore packages or a hasty purchase at a candy store trying to prove my hipness. It unrolled easily into my waiting tongue. But it still wasn’t enough, not enough!

And then there it was. I looked through my cupboards — uncooked rice, energy bars, uncooked sago, teas, soup mix, jello, Italian seasoning…and then I saw it. A box of Twinkies — initially intended for fun with a deep fryer. That was it — and I found myself the next moment discarding a Twinkie that actually had molded and unwrapping one.

I knew that I was going to regret this — it was like soap, but I ate it. Unsatisfied still.

Then I remembered my grapes in the paper bag. It was slowly molding, but I picked the good ones that were still green — then I settled back…feeling better now.

“How do you stay so skinny?” asked a friend who I hadn’t seen for 6 years, hearing my stories of loving loving loving ice cream.

I mumbled some excuses of how I naturally always had skinny arms and patted my non-existent belly.

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