I smell…nothing?

Evidence #1
“I smell cologne,” a coworker said as he got his desk. Everyone else around me agreed and gave all the guys heavy stares. I sniffed the air and shook my head. I don’t smell anything!

Evidence #2
“Is there paint?” someone said approaching me. I sniffed around me and smelled nothing. Nothing from the walls, no stickiness protuding. No…I don’t think so.

Evidence #3
I was excited by the idea of a roast chicken for my dinner, having furiously rubbed in spices, sea salt and freshly grounded pepper. 425°F for an hour. I settled in my chair, responding to personal emails, aimlessly browsing facebook and scanning my twitter feed. Then there was the unmistakable squeal from the smoke alarm. I dashed out my chair, glancing up at the blinking light putting one hand helplessly to my weak right ear. Then arriving at the oven, I turned it off and opened the door. Only 30 minutes had passed and a little smoke (or was it steam?) billowed out. The smoke alarm stopped. I smelled nothing.

Did I lose my sense of smell? Out of the 5 senses…is that the one that we don’t notice when it disappears?

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