Five years have come and gone

Five years ago, I signed the lease to my apartment in the Mission.

At this very moment, I am standing at the kitchen counter of that very same apartment—in the middle of a brief interlude of baking at night.

But FIVE years. This apartment has seen many of things—in particular:

  • three different roommates
  • three different couches/futons and dining tables
  • my foray into cooking and baking that never stopped
  • the many many Mission marches and parades past on Valencia
  • my variations on transit in San Francisco—biking, driving, walking, public transiting
  • the initial house parties and now occasional dinner parties
  • the (desperate) meetings of Deep Fried Twinkies
  • the growth of devices that grew from one single computer to multiple phones to multiple tablets
  • lack of decoration
  • my never-ending inability to maintain a clean room
  • my increase in kitchen cookery
  • the months of unemployment, changing of jobs, career hunting
  • the beginnings and endings of my relationships
  • the awkward friends that I initially had when I first moved to San Francisco and the true friends I made…that I intend to be long-lasting
  • and…me hopefully growing to be a better person than I was five years ago
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