Why my city is the greatest

Because there is no other city like it.

In Dublin, London, Berlin and New York City…it was the typical answer.

Sometimes, I would get the pressure from a local—when will the stars ever align perfectly for you? I did it, so you should too!

And other times, usually from good friends, I would get, I know why it’s not for everyone.

Dublin: Cheap. Laid back. Center of tech. Easy to jump to other parts of Europe. Closest to the states. Beer. And leprechauns (not from local of course).

London: The English. The diversity of languages and people. Compact. Center of Europe. Little of everything. History. The supposedly wicked sense of humor.

Berlin: Personalities. 24 hour parties. Beer. Openness. Innovation. Creativity. Vast history. English as a second language. Graffiti does not mean it’s a bad area of town.

New York City: Compact. Diversity of industry and boroughs. Easy public transit. Food. Everything you want. It is the city.

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