The teacher was so mean

“You will be punished if you go to the bathroom during class,” the teacher cautioned us.

That’s what I could remember as one of the many traumatizing moments in my childhood. One of the many that may have led to my social anxiety as an adult. For why I am suddenly frozen in place when wanting to poke my head above the crowd or to order food at a bar without alcohol. I am seized by fear that I will be punished just like the overwhelming feeling I had as a 6 year old.

What was more traumatizing was how I needed to go one day. But I didn’t want to be punished. In the logic of a child, I could only see two choices: 1. Go to the bathroom and be punished. 2. Hold in until class ended.

Neither was ideal as I really had to go. And I didn’t want to be like little Bobby who wet his pants in class. My stomach really hurt. And I was caught in a web of anxiety…and high distress.

2 thoughts on “The teacher was so mean

  1. My significant other had a similar traumatic event with a teacher, and it still triggers/haunts her. Ugh. What a terrible school environment you had! Sometimes I wish I worked in higher ed just so I could ensure that people like that don’t become teachers.

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