“You just get used to it”

In face of disrespect, I complained.

He listened and responded, “You just get used to it.”

Of course, my complaint was about something minor—my misplaced things and disruption of my usual household routine. What infuriated me and still infuriates me months later was the complacency to an imbalance. The complacency is born out of one’s own personal priorities—the perspective of values.

Will I get value of the action that I perform? If not, it’s easier to do nothing.

Ideas like:

  • It’s easier to buy a new couch than find a nicely used one on craigslist.
  • I will pay $5 ATM convenience fee to withdraw $100 because my bank is 3 blocks away.
  • I will drop my plastic cup here on the dance floor because the trash bin in the corner is too hard to find.
  • I will order a beer because everyone has one.
  • I will ignore sexual harassment and racist remarks, because I want my job.
  • I worry sometimes that I will suffer from the pedestrian effect and instead of giving a helping hand, I keep walking and walking back home.

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