I don’t want a doorman in my building

The idea of living in New York once appealed to me. But then faced with the tall concrete buildings in Manhattan, the souless apartments…I desired nothing else but to have my apartment in San Francisco. And most of all, a doorman.

Some state that doorman increases the building’s security. That I have always found false. I have walked into my sister’s Manhattan building at three different locations throughout the island undetected, smiling only innocently. What if I was an angry ex-girlfriend that wanted revenge? Nothing can stop me there. Social engineering is easier than expected. Most of all, there are areas in San Francisco including in front of my apartment where crime has been committed. I am not afraid. It’s a choice that I made.

Packages? Sure, that’s the most annoying thing about my duplex. I come back and the sticker is on my gate. Whoops, missed the package…again!

At one point, I thought…Green Point or Williamsburg. maybe.

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