I am walking in a dream

One week ago, I returned from my 6 week journey from the East Coast to Italy to Turkey.

And every day feels surreal. Mornings feel like afternoon. Nights feel like early morning.

I got pulled into working at the office again. I say the words that I say. They seem foreign tumbling out of me, after several weeks trapped with language barriers.

I take in the sweet life of living in San Francisco. I am surprised by restaurant service. I am surprised when not everything closes on Sunday. I am surprised that my wireless network here just works.

Everything is familiar. I know it. I returned having a feeling that everyone here could potentially experience what I did. But then I remember that many people here have not even left the vicinity since I left.

Life hasn’t changed for them. I would like to say that life changed for me. But I cannot say anything until my gaze returns to normal, and I can say with much strength, “I have returned, and I am ready to share.”

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