Fear and love, fear and love

In the past two years, I learned that there are only two true emotions: fear and love.

Out of fear, comes contempt, hatred, anger. It’s the destructive one (when not appropriately) handled. Yet, it’s okay to be afraid, because that’s how we know not to put our fingers on a burning stove. The pain tells us that something is not right.

Then there’s love. This begets happiness. This so internal. When contentment becomes a feeling of everything. Belonging, peace, and support. People change tremendously when they are met with a smile and appreciation. When I walk along with anger festering in my mind and others only meet me with gratitude and happiness, how can I not say “hello! I am so happy to see you!”

Today while I sat in a cafe across from someone in deep pain, I was at a loss. It wasn’t my game to play, and really all I could offer was, “Try love. I believe that will help you.”

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