Gravity and then no more

I saw Gravity in the best way possible. Real Imax. 3D. Best surround sound. Best seats.

And it was an intense 90 minutes.

Afterwards, I almost nearly wanted to say that I never wanted to see another movie again. Mostly because there is nothing that can be quite comparable.

It’s like the gelato that I had in Italy. Initially, I had bad gelato. But I didn’t really know it. There was one time during a dark Italian evening that…I finally just threw it out. The cream, the straticella gave me a headache and I just could not finish it. It was then that I decided that I would never again have bad gelato (to the best of my ability) and stick with good gelato. My stomach thanked me for that.

And yet here’s a movie. A masterpiece. Where I wonder how it could be any better. Will I be disappointed my eyes gaze across similar movies? Will the dialog elsewhere seem so much more fake? So here I am: stuck. I had the best then and now I want more. Yet how do I do that without forsaking the great quality.

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