How to win at the game of Assassins

(Based on personal experience of winning the game.)

Assuming that each assassin gets your full name, your home address, and your work address (if it’s post-school):

  • 1. Stay overnight somewhere else.
  • 2. Don’t return to your home.
  • 3. Well…if you must go back to your home, send compatriots to get your things.
  • 4. Use a taxi or someone to drive you to your home if you must so that you can quickly dash inside.
  • 5. Take inventory of everything that can be found through multiple links of your full name.
  • 6. Don’t wear anything that has been featured in photos online.
  • 7. Have an unpredictable schedule. Show up to work early one day. Show up to work late another day. Work late. Work early. Eat lunch at 3 pm. Work from home.
  • 8. Don’t trust anyone.
  • 9. Tell all your trusted friends that you’re playing and have them alert you if there is any suspicious activity.
  • 10. If you’re approached for a potential job interview or the like, delay it until after the game is well-finished or invite them to your home or work places.
  • 11. Exit all buildings through the most unnatural place of exiting.
  • 12. Google your target. Memorize the face.
  • 13. Hire contract killers.
  • 14. Show up to events unannounced (and un-RSVPed).
  • 15. Most importantly, this is a game. Don’t let it interfere with your life…that much.
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