Did my dislike come from movies?

Unlike many American protective parents, my parents often showed R-rated movies regularly at home. Fans of movies but not fans of movie theaters, rented videos from the video stores and libraries regularly previewed at my house every weekend. Violence. Sex. Alcohol. All were part of my movies while growing up. Watching Disney movies and the like were rarely part of my film diet. Whether I became simply desensitized to it all…did it have an effect on who I am today?

Although I realize that is just like saying video games make people violent and sex scenes make people promiscuous, did it give me immediate negative reactions toward some things? Namely alcohol? Did I latch more onto those movies where it played a negative character, the devil, the evil voice? And that I completely ignored the joyful scenes?

Or did one day, did I wake up and think…I will always take the hard way out. I will always take the steeper path crowded by thorns and uneven trails. Even when it hurts.

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