Riding in the Rain

“Do you want to stay dry and cozy or do you want to ride in the rain to get all slippery and wet?” the contestant read from a card during a “Singled Out” game at tonight’s SFBC V-day event.

I would always want to stay dry and cozy. Several years ago, a friend challenged me.

“Ride in the rain,” he said. “You’re alone. You’re powering through. You find your strength.”

He said it with such emphasis that I filled with guilt when I would just take the BART or muni instead. But there are times that I would do it. I would ride letting my jeans soak and the water spray everywhere from my rear wheel (if I was riding my canondale). I hated it.

And avoided it for a year. Until today. I had forgotten why I disliked it. Today, I didn’t realize that it was going to rain due to California’s unstoppable drought. Then I walked outside. And it was. And because it was a bike coalition event, I couldn’t very well just wimp out and drive over. So instead, I hiked up my courage and rode in the slippery roads.

I hated how it sprayed in my face and the world seemed to glitter so dangerously.

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