Everything I do is in preparation of doing what I was supposed to be doing

Mindy Kaling describes it well in her memoir (or a book of her quips). It went something like this:

I spend all day organizing and preparing so that I can sit down in front of my computer and write.

And well that’s me. In fact, what I am doing right now, in writing this post is in preparation of writing my book. And also, I am preparing for my writing group by baking and cooking and cleaning so that the writing group will prepare me for writing my book.

That’s right. All my waking hours up until this very moment have been buying supplies for the food, baking fruit crackers, thinking about making slice-baked potatoes, making chai from scratch, and using up my old eggs. It was about washing my dishes and bowls, watering my plants, putting away my laundry, brushing my teeth, and making myself look presentable. Not to mention that I did the things that other typical people do in preparation: browse Facebook and twitter, eat strawberries, check email, and aimlessly scroll through Craigslist.

My title? Master of procrastination.

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