What has my 60k+ education given me?

Bottom line: I hope that it was worth it!

And in some way, I am mostly talking about graduate school.

  • A network to all my alumni. Not just during, but also before and after.
  • Communication design fundamentals.
  • Empathy for people, particularly users.
  • Access to free food and drinks. Once a year.
  • An impression that people think that I am incredibly smart.
  • The ability to say, “You went to CMU? I did too!”
  • Nerd cred. Sometimes.
  • The ability to say, “Oh yeah, I got a masters.”
  • The reason why I hesitate to get a MFA.
  • A chance to understand what cold winters and humid summers really mean.
  • The ability to actually “grow up” and learn how to do laundry. Or how to make horrible mistakes in laundry and learn from them.
  • What it’s like to live in a party house with people over the age of 21. Note: Fun, but every day fun.
  • Learn to live in “small town” America.
  • Being able to say “oh yeah, I totally lived in the east coast.”
  • Being able to say “oh yeah, I totally lived in the midwest.”
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