2014: Travel

How did you travel in 2014? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In 2013, I finished off the bulk of the travel for the Ice Cream Travel Guide. In 2012, I started the journey of a life and went to what I thought was unfathomable (in my life) — six domestic destinations and eight international destinations — for professional and personal reasons. In 2011, I went on one international trip, one domestic…and one super local. In 2010, I went on one international trip and multiple domestic trips.

As expected, I was less than enthused for much traveling in the year of 2014. I wanted to stay focused as much as possible (and not to mention, make income).

In 2014, I traveled to:

  • Short weekend trip to Tahoe for my annual call of skiing
  • Short weekend trip to Los Angeles to Disneyland
  • A 2+ week journey throughout the Northeast stopping by “beachtown” stands for ice cream, a writing workshop on windjammer off the coast of Maine, and most importantly, landing at the headquarters and factory of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Multiple business trips to Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles
  • Weekend at a farm 2.5 hours northeast outside San Francisco with family for my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary
  • In the coming year, I anticipate that I will finally visit Michigan for my sister and my cousin’s wedding. But where else? Will I catch a whiff of a deal like the trip flights to Asia? Will the grandfather story lure me to my dad’s hometown in China and my grandfather’s adult home in Peru? Then will there be short trips to Tahoe (most certainly) or to Portland, Los Angeles? With now a cycling crew, will I be moved to do an overnight cycling trip? And will there be more dairy destinations that I must include? To be continued…

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