This is me with the flu

The night was young. It was barely 7 PM. But my ears were burning. My throat felt coated and I coughed.

But you see, I was in a new city. And my fingers were dancing over my keyboard bringing up the best and the greatest restaurants on Yelp. I gazed over the top-rated restaurants in Hot and New, my mind calculating my limits on my daily expense account and estimating the distance from the hotel.

Could I? Would I? Will it even be worth it?

I rubbed my stomach. Unfettered, untouched. I wasn’t hungry, but it had been more than 12 hours since I ate something substantial. Since the morning, I had only drank water and hot tea. I wanted to take a hot shower and crawl into my uncomfortable hotel bed.

But I couldn’t. So I compromised with myself. Within a five minute walk, I found a healthy restaurant and ordered a hot drink of turmeric and lemon. My head burned for the next 48 hours, but I pushed myself. Through the 6 hour flight. Through the appearance at my parents’ community event. And meetings. And email. And life. Because life doesn’t stop for anything although I wish sometimes that it would. Even when I am not sick.

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