A to Z of the week.

A is for my attitude that I have been trying to work on
B is for B&J free cone day. I went back twice.
C is for crisis like every other week.
D is for demons as they\’re trying to pull me down again
E is for the never-ending stream of e-mail that I get in my inbox
F is for the Food Network which has provided me with my major source of entertainment when I arrive home
G is for graduation commencement that i got a ticket for! :D Thanks April!
H is for haircut everybody \”liked\” except for one person \”who told the truth\”. Hey, I always know they\’re lying! :D Thanks for suggesting to spend $25, aaron!
I is for interview that gave me an offer that I turned down
J is for Jimmy Eat World – Goodbye Sky Harbor, a 16 minute song
K is for okay, a word that I often use when I am mad but I am trying not to show it
L is for Lingustics class, which I am starting to really enjoy
M for the states that I shall visit one day: Minny Soda, Michigan…and…MONTANA?
N is for nostalgia when sweet memories of the past return
O is for orgasmic alan
P is for the long distance phone call that shook my stability
Q is for quitting
R is for random phone call guy, who I saw walking up the street in the rain
S is for my sissy who is cool!
T is for Toyta Celica, which Shinelun has gladly driven me around Berkeley in. THX!!!
U is for MORE IS UP
V is for Vegetarian dinner. My mom made me feel guilty that I wasn\’t going to Mother\’s Day dinner next weekend so I took them out to a pseudo-vegetarian restaurant Fresh Choice
W is for work.
X is for X-men 2 of course!!!!
Y is for why?!
Z is for zoned out all week.

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  1. Beeep I am in there. Ok, I don\’t like your haircut either. Thanks. Anyway, I also got a haircut and ugly streaks done by a incompetant white girl. Yo sissy, I\’m mad….things are sad. I have so much overdue fines that I can\’t even borrow any books anymore. I\’m upset. Also, I\’m getting annoyed with people.

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