I watched Mad Max

Chris has seen the movie five times, including tonight.

KK, Jessy, and I saw it once. Aka tonight.

I sped from the Caltrain as fast as I could on my coaster bike. Because simply put around the hours of 6 PM, a car is too slow. Walking is too slow. And only riding a bike while weaving through traffic is faster. Minus the potential of an electric bike or scooter. And I needed to endure the whole braking by pedaling backward while navigating the traffic that builds up on the way to the Bay Bridge.

So when I saw Mad Max, I had already experienced an “exhilarating” ride through downtown San Francisco. But as expected, fights while moving make more sense here than they do in the Fast and Furious series. Because after all, in this world of Mad Max, you want to keep moving, because you’re trying to get somewhere. Whereas in Fast and Furious, you’re just fighting on a moving truck, because you can not that it is going anywhere worthwhile for the plot.

But was it intense. It was nonstop action of car chases (not just normal cars), pounding music paired with someone playing electric guitar on a moving vehicle with blaring speakers and flamethrowers, costumery and elaborate cars that were constructed for the film. 90% of the film were practical effects. That is, the car actually moves! That’s crazy talk! Especially when so much action on screen nowadays take advantage of CG.

What stayed with me was a quiet moment: when the pregnant wife stands outside the war rig, saying look, i am here and am important to you. It’s a test of loyalty and desire.

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