You stay because you are needed

“We need you,” they say.

I falter when I hear that. I hear that I am needed, and my heart tickles. A burst of serotonin has touched my brain, and my reaction is to want more. I want to hear that I am needed, and I’ll do anything to hear people say that again.

So what I am doing is making people feel like I am needed?

This is the addiction of work and jobs. The reason why people can’t pull away. They want to be part of something, something greater. And when people call for help, our instinct inside says, go for it, let’s get more of that

It’s risky, because I know that it’s not what I want. But then I hear that I am needed, and I stay. How can I deny that they appreciated me? How can I say that I don’t want to help you anymore? How can I deny that people would suffer if I wasn’t there? There’s a superiority complex and unhealthy dependency at play.

I see it clearly. But I say that I will go. Eventually.

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