Today, I woke up with a can-do attitude

Although I only peeled myself out of my bed shortly after 10 am (after an hour of meandering through the Internet and getting lost through clickbait articles and sudden inspiration from Cheryl Strayed and oddly enough, the zola twitter story), I suddenly thought: what if.

I ate my breakfast—a bowl of fluffy scrambled eggs, thyme pear & potato hash—that I made yesterday. I prepared a mug of tea, leaves from Boba guys, chocolate honey from a family farm in Marin, and Kirkland lactose-free milk. I read the first issue of Peeps—a story of Chinese “losers”, a population that the mainland Chinese government believe is dragging down the economy. Then I reorganized my scarfs, jackets, and two drawers. I put away my clean laundry and cleared my desk. I put on my power music mix, the kind that I hope will blend into the background. Then I think now that I sit down, I will get many things done.

At least, that’s how my days start where I think that I can do many things.

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