So either I broke it or it was already broken. *cough* I mean, my sister\’s router. When I arrived here Saturday night, her Internet wasn\’t really working. Because her roommates were going to be gone for the weekend, I plugged her ethernet cord directly into the cable modem instead of fiddling with the router. It worked. But now her roommates have returned, and of course, they must use the router…which isn\’t WORKING.

I have the same router in my apartment in Berkeley…but GAH, this router is giving me more frusturation than necessary. No computer will pick up the internal ip address. I wonder if I fried any of the ethernet cords since it won\’t work at ALL. FRUSTRATION. DISPLEASURE.


Today, I woke up and went shopping and got a headache. Ouch. The fact that we are shopping for clothes to make us look better than other people, to compare ourselves to others, to find something that will accentuate our \”good\” features, the fact that we can pass superficial judgments on clothing – skany, conservative, and the desire to find a low price. The mall we went to (Fashion Valley in La Jolla) was full of the brand name stores, the stores where manicured snobby plastic surgery women shop. HEADHACHE. My sister\’s friend got us \”interested\” in an eyebrow shaping appointment. Ugh, major headache after I returned.

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