Because Jamba Juice wasn\’t open, I decided to get something at nearby at Starbucks. Two hours later, I am feeling shakey and jittery. No more coffee ever. It\’s funny how my ex told me if I was ever in ucsb to drop by and grab some coffee. My first response was \”I don\’t drink coffee\”.

I did the photolog scavenger hunt (partially)…but just couldn\’t find the rest on the list. Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow!

And thanks to my sissy for a trip to San Diego! :D Most of the trip could be summed there. Many thanks to TOM who drove us around. And to Angie to taking us shopping. And to Ellen for driving me to the airport. And yes to my sis for great hospitality and FOOD!

I created the RC car I got from Alex today. Sniff, it\’s my first (motorized) car ever (besides that car on a keychain that I got from my sister when I was 16…). Then I went with Lulu to Stoneridge to return the dress I got for my b-day. And yes get a more expensive outfit that i probably will wear only on occasion.

*shake shake*

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