Playing Miitomo

In my "home" thinking of my friend, Sasi

In my “home” thinking of my friend, Sasi

I am pretty sure a few years from now, I’ll look back and think: that game was ahead of its time.

That is, that first mobile game from Nintendo called Miitomo.

Unlike other people, I am just on the tip of getting bored of the game.

Rubbing my ego aside (who loves answering inane questions about themselves? I do!!!!), I wonder why I suddenly was obsessed with dressing the mii with various outfits. At first, I thought: I must dress like the way I want to be dressed. Meaning the way that I would dress every day IRL. Meaning that I want to basically blend into the wall. But my desire to be different broke though and I wanted to dress WHIMSICAL. You see, in the land of Miitomo, you can dress whimsical everyday. Your expression can be permanently a cat or dog. You can wear the Mario outfit of suspenders and oversized hat. You can wear a flower of your head, so that your body is like soil. Or you can wear spacesuit (or even just the big bulb on your head). And! You can personalize your mii. Make your voice super high and squeaky. Or low and annoying.

Did I say annoying?

The hardest part of miitomo so far is the friends part. My non-tech-savvy friends (or really the friends who have better things to do) aren’t on the network at all. And so what’s left is the super savvy, experimental type friends. Some I know well, some I don’t. So while I am answering questions about my birthday, the favorite things that I love to eat, what I am doing today…I am wondering if they even care. And whether I can even answer questions about what celebrity they remind me of, what their favorite food is, what I like about them… Especially with distant Facebook friends that i have not interacted with for more than 7 years. Awkward.

But each morning, I lie in my bed and start up miitomo, letting the tinkling music fill my room (pretty sure it is hyper music because I set my mii personality to be outgoing) and I read all the questions and answers. I try to add witty comments. But occasionally, my ideas betray me.

And once again. I return to my phone’s home screen. Tap on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to fill the void.

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