It starts out traditional, then it’s not

My sister did the unthinkable. Well, that is, she married before me. In a traditional wedding.

I had been thinking that I would feel different. But I don’t. It’s a ceremony. It’s a gathering. It’s a celebration. A party.

What does it mean that my first buddy in life has found another lifelong buddy?

What I know is this: I don’t remember meeting her when she was born. I was only 14 months and 2 days old. The world was hard to understand, the complexities of color and the layered human behavior. All I knew was that she was always there. She was always someone who shared my same life, understood my challenges and nuances of family life, and unconditionally was there.

“That’s not okay,” she said to a former boyfriend who yelled at me. “It’s not okay.”

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