Sit in the silence

We sat on the park bench. The wind blew through our hair. For the purposes of the conversation, I tilted eastward so that I could see my companion clearly. As a result though, the wind flung strands of hair in my face. I felt itchy, but I knew that it wasn’t an hour yet and didn’t feel like the value was squeezed enough. So I continued following the conversation, letting it go wherever it will.

I had the lines of gratitude and see you again ready.

And then sometimes the conversation would stop. She would say something. Or I would say something. And no need to add more. Because perhaps the energy wasn’t there.

I could have learned more, but I felt the boundaries or the boundaries were created in my mind. I could have dug deeper, but I was hesitant to jump into that. And yet.

I sat in the silence. Just letting it drape. Because I could choose to say nothing at all.

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