In a gunfight, I’d die. In an embarrassing way.

Self-preservation during a physically dangerous situation goes like this for me:

  • Seek shelter
  • Stay hidden
  • Stay quiet
  • Do absolutely nothing
  • Peek to see if coast is clear
  • Flee
  • I am a master of listening to what the police say to do during an armed shooter situation. Hide!

    In elementary school, I was the master of dodgeball. That is, I was very good at dodging. Because I never participated in throwing the ball, nobody would try to hit me in the initial action. But as the kids got knocked out, there would be me left. The one who never drew attention to herself. Not knowing how to catch the ball or even throw it, I escaped any attack. Until then. But I would run well as the last person on my team. But we all know how that goes.

    I just couldn’t even defend myself.

    So clearly when I took the Would you survive a movie gunfight?, I “died” the embarrassing death. I amazingly was the only one who didn’t get hit during the gunfight, because simply put, I was hiding. But someone smart decided to shoot the scuba tanks near me, thereby blowing them up, killing me in the process.

    Well at least it’s not as bad as shooting yourself. Accidentally.

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