2020: Travel

I mean, this is the most 2020 post of my yearly reflections. But here we go!

How did you travel in 2020? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In 2019, I made a big trip to Japan and many domestic trips to Phoenix, Portland, and New York. In 2018, I traveled very domestically, mostly local for retreats in Ukiah, Scotts Valley, and Big Sur. Then San Diego for a work thing. And a trip to Squaw Valley. And a crazy long adventure through Chicago and New York. In 2017, I traveled to Minnesota for work, LA twice for “fun”, Las Vegas for a not-so-good fun, and Thailand/Myanmar! Also somehow forgot to mention Cincinnati for MidwestUX! And did I forgot to mention Phoenix? In 2016, I traveled to Finland/Sweden for my first big speaking gig, Portland for a “bachelorette” party, road trip to LA for my sister’s wedding, and Minnesota for work. In 2015, I went to Brazil for a conference, multiple work trips, and a midwest trip. In 2014, I went on multiple weekend trips, increased business trips, and found a destination for ice cream and writing. In 2013, I finished off the bulk of the travel for the Ice Cream Travel Guide. In 2012, I started the journey of a life and went to what I thought was unfathomable (in my life) — six domestic destinations and eight international destinations — for professional and personal reasons. In 2011, I went on one international trip, one domestic…and one super local. In 2010, I went on one international trip and multiple domestic trips.

In 2020, I went locally:

  • writing retreat in Scotts Valley
  • overnight in Avila Beach, because a friend broke up with his girlfriend and his reservation was nonrefundable
  • day trip to Orr Hot Springs (so yes I did predict this!)
  • day trip to Brentwood to pick fruit
  • day trips to visit my parents…like three times
  • and a few times that I cannot remember anymore in January and February to somewhere in the Bay Area
  • Literally, nowhere.

    Around this time last year, I was in the midst of getting a new job. I did get that new job which I knew would send me to New York and potentially work-related destinations like Europe or Asia. But nothing of that sort happened. Plus there was the issue of Chris’ post concussion syndrome which meant that I had been reluctant to travel without him since things are just better with him.

    Of course, the pandemic happened. Not that I had anything planned, but I hoped to visit Phoenix to see my sister (barring that issue with the BIL), visit Spain and Japan for work…and having gotten into a writing workshop, Portland. And who knows what else! Part of me is grateful for the pause, because I had begun to hate the idea of airplanes, a recent inability to sleep in a bed that’s not mine (I like my 600+ thread count sheets and my pillow and perfect temperature), and just the headache of planning. But still, the excitement of discovery which was the thing I enjoyed the most…is gone.

    When I think of next year, I think of hope of course. But where do I really want to travel? I want to travel to places with discovery. New York. Japan. I want to see my sister. The spots that I have always wanted to visit—New Zealand, Singapore, Korea. But really, I have no idea really. It’s all a matter of whether I want to do it in the first place.

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