How like…so inconsiderate. My mom took the peach tart (that i had really liked) that aaron\’s friend made for the party last Saturday and gave it to somebody. WITHOUT TELLING ME. So apparently, the pie tin is gone too. GONE!, she said as she flung her hands up in the air.

My mom didn\’t even apologize, but then we never apologize in this family. Never.

For some reason, I am not liking living at home. My mom asks me every night whether I am going to be home for dinner. Wouldn\’t it be easier to just say that I am not? Because every evening, the dinner is something I dislike. I eat all the parts I like…then try to swallow (without puking) the rest. My distaste of the entire meal throws away any appetite I have.

I think I should have people sign a contract once they decide that they must get to know me.

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  1. did you have the whole peach tart? that\’s not nice!? Geez. how rude! How come she didn\’t ask? Who was it given to?

  2. you can make a questionnaire. it could be like the \’improve your word power\’ section in readers\’ digest (snarf!) you have to get at least 14/20 to be above average, and even then, you still suck until you get at least 18/20.

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