Like Lele, I am jealous. I want to participate in research projects within GUIR (group for user interface research), but I am just a lone cognitive science major with a lukewarm gpa. I read about the graduate students involved…and omg envy. Most graduated summa cum laude (the highest honors) and were valedictorians of their undergraduate class.

These are the people who will get into almost any graduate school they want to attend. Then have a great time there doing research. Then graduate…and some company or school will grab them immediately. Set for life.

My dad was just like that although he did poorly in humanities courses and excelled in his engineering courses. He was the top in his class…from getting his bachelors (in 3 years) to getting his masters, to getting his PHD. Did I ever mention how my cousin once said to me Your dad is soooooooo smart!

Yet as we all know, doing well in school doesn\’t make you a better person. Maybe more job opportunities, but that\’s not the main factor of life.

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  1. I hear your dad is smart. Wow, huh? More job opprotunities doesnt always mean that youll end up happy in your job, or life for that matter. Dont worry Jenn! Think about allllll the people your ahead of! Glass is half full!

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