How do you say no?

There is someone from Berkeley who is quite irritating in person. He is arrognant. Egotistical. Self-righteous. And he has tried to add me on friendster twice and orkut twice. I have rejected him all 4 times. Just for the fact that I don\’t want my friends lists to be littered with people I don\’t respect as a \”friend\”. Some would say it\’s mean, but isn\’t it better to be brutally honest not superficially nice?

He apparently visited my blog recently according to my latest comments.

EDIT: I would rather not lead people on. If I dislike someone\’s presence so much, do I not have the right to move on (circumstances withstanding…no obligations holding me back)? But the enjoyment/disgust of someone\’s presence tends to be temporary. Some people are afraid to be direct and they find themselves being in a mess.

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