It\’s the end of my spring break. The most dominant feature of my spring break were my parents\’ apparent dissatisfaction with my sister and my choices in life. Both of us want to go to professional school. Specifically a type of school that doesn\’t provide financial aid. When I was rejected from Berkeley (is this more proof that my own dear university dislikes their own kind? this is a widespread rumor throughout campus, by the way), my parents asked me to go grovel at the admissions office, begging to be put on the waitlist. No. Way. I discovered that the waitlist is 20 people anyway (no chances). Four years ago, I made a wish that UCLA or Berkeley would reject me so that I could make my decision easier. I got my wish. UCLA had rejected me then. And now, Berkeley has rejected me which makes my decision easier to go to CMU.

I digress. My parents were particularly irritating this spring break. It may be because both of my parents especially my dad is under pressure careerwise. The last time my sister came back to the Bay Area, my parents treated like royalty. Welcoming her with Krispy Kreme and other great extras (I got to partake in the bonuses of course). But this time, my parents seemed so…stoned. Despite their comments of how they missed having us around, it seemed as if their irritation was telling us to just go back to college. No more accusations about why we stay up late. No more complaining about how we can mindlessly watch HBO all day and watch Old School 10 times in one week (hey it was playing non-stop on hbo!). No more whining about how my sister and I spend too much money (this is an understatement – have you ever seen me go to a takeout restaurant, standing there then turning around emptyhanded?)

I would hate to turn down a huge opportunity in education. In the interview I had on Thursday, they asked me if my career goals would change if I received $20 million. (Okay, so I was surprised by the question and sputtered. But I regained my confidence within moments.) I had said no. Honestly, I had said that I wanted to find something I enjoyed. It was never the salary. It was always the feeling that came with the job.

Even with my current job as a RCC, I often feel like I would still do it…even if it was volunteering. The satisfaction of making someone\’s day is better than any piles of bills. Although I do like admiring my growing bank account from time to time. :)

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