On the way to lunch with the TC staff, we saw a sight that can only be seen in Berkeley. How I shall miss thee!

It looked like a homeless man strapped with a monitor on his back. I had the unfortunate luck of having a camera and being persauded by the staff to take a picture. I was the one who took the above picture–I felt a bit bad for gawking and especially taking a picture, but it was WEIRD! But the questions arose: how did he get the monitor on his back? did he have someone tie it to him? did he lie flat on the ground and through the magic of yoga was able to tie the monitor on himself? if he\’s homeless, why would he need a monitor? did he find the monitor on the curbside (a possibility since a lot of people moved out at the end of the semester). was transporting a monitor by bike on his back his last resort?

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  1. that\’s a really good picture tho!! :) u should submit it somewhere and get a prize! :)

  2. whoa, that\’s cool. the monitor looks like it\’s about 20+ lb… amazing how he can carry that thing on his back! :O

  3. Great picture, this man’s a real character. This man is really well known on telegraph as he’s always somewhere in the area. He’s a serious pack rat…Anything of interest to him he collects. He accumulates huge piles of things which he transports around on a daily basis, it’s amazing how he’s able to move so much stuff. If you see a mound of what looks like trash that’s him. He hordes it until the city finds it and takes it all away.. He’s a well educated man, very political. He’ll talk your ear off if you let him. Nice man, I can’t remember what they call him though.

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