It\’s funny how I was able to \”rewrite\” memories of things. Today, I was supposed to go work at Foothill CC to set up the center, but Pat didn\’t call me until 9 pm. So I spent the entire time with Karen, Thomas and Linda. Surprisingly, the spontaneity worked for me. And best of all, I rewrote those memories of Tanner.

We went to Emeryville to watch a movie (Kill Bill Vol 2 – perhaps rewriting the memory of seeing the movie with Seth) and also have ice cream at coldstone. We also ate at pasta pomodoro (rewriting the formal checkin with James) where we shared all the pasta plates. This is a redo of the day spent with Tanner at Bay Street. Where we had watched Monster and had ice cream at coldstone. This time there were no tears. There was only laughter and an incident of Thomas running away, only to discover that he found an…archway. There was no heath bar crunch mixed with sweet cream, but cheesecake fantasy. And a young African American man who seemed on drugs because his hands kept shaking like he had parkinson\’s. There was no easy parking, but a parking space that i squeezed the acura legend in…probably almost scratching the car. There was no nervous is-this-right feeling, but it was only that comfortable feeling that I enjoyed spending time with people. No social anxiety…just myself.

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