One of the things I hate the most about my job…is the physical part. That is, me opening up computer cases. Because we had to ghost (aka copy the drives), I had to open up computer cases to take the hard drives out. It\’s one of the most embarassing parts of my job because I show my incompetence. Today, I spent a long time trying to open old Dell cases. I squeezed those little hinges and still couldn\’t open it. Two years ago, a resident had the exact same case. I spent almost an hour trying to open it and eventually brought it downstairs to my coworkers. My face turned pink when they were able to open it within seconds. Sigh.

I dislike doing anything physical…like hooking up hard drives, installing ram. Software is the way to go for me. All predictable and not needing any physical force (maybe some screamage because windows doesn\’t always listen to you). I am the girl who spent 3 hours installing her own RAM and was able to open her case by dropping the computer.

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  1. oh man… the WORST computer cases i\’ve ever had to dismantle were the Performa 6200 series\’ cases. i had to look up a walkthrough/howto just to find out how to open that thing. my fingers were quite sore for the next few days…

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