The new La Salsa restaurant had offered one of those \”buy any entree, get second entree for free\” with the small print reading \”second entree for equal or lesser value\”.

It was enough to entice my parents to spend dinner there…on my wallet. :) What was amusing was that it was the first time my parents had went to a \”true\” Mexican-style restaurant with a salsa bar. My mom got out the salsa cups and took a scoop of each salsa available. Then after we had finished the filling dinner, she took 3 little cups of her favorite salsa. All secretly wrapped underneath a napkin. \”Very good for fish!\” she exclaimed with excitement.

How cute! Now why aren\’t some of my friends as excited when I bring them to a new style of restaurant!

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  1. Because your friends haven\’t been spoiled by the food-a-plenty we Americanized folks are used to.

  2. That\’s so funny…I guess all asians do similar things at any sort of buffet =) My parents sure do…hell, I even do…mini-muffins at Souplantation!!

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