Apparently gmail has been too widespread now. Everybody and their mother has one. Despite all those people willing to give \”friendship\” on gmailswap, having an account is no longer exclusive. It occured to me that I have 5 invites left and nobody has asked for one. So perhaps, I should make another for myself.


or how about simply dramah@gmail?

or better yet, I should copy one of my friends:

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  1. The randomness of commenting on someones blog is so much fun, but hey why not (maybe a g-mail account could be gotten?) so I offer that I wont offer anything, i wont put myself on gmail swap list, and I wont do what others have, and buy one on e-bay(isn\’t that illegal?) Jenn, I would like to point out though, that you have provided much drama for my reading enjoyment the past year or so, but moreso for someone you don\’t really talk to anymore in one of those M states. So now I will bring to an end the comment that rambles. Have fun at CMU (and good luck, thank god not CMU near the UofM!). Oh, and as a suggestion if you make another account, how about…

  2. which matt are you? are you the alec\’s matt? or the matt of naim? or is it the roommate matt of tanner (in minnesota) or cousin matt of michigan? or the matt of texas (which is obviously not a m state). there too many matts. Did you mean you wanted a gmail account?

    no karen it should be steaklover.karen@gmail!!! :D

  3. Hey my names Chrissy, I was searching online for songs and your playlist website popped up. I was wondering if there is ANYWAY to get those everybody else song syou have whether through email or aim? I would appreciate it so much. aimL xrockerchick7x

  4. I am \”Alec\’s Matt\” (i figured the depressor thing…anywho)but I am really Jenn\’s Matt(not you, but freaky none the less). And I feel special for…making you wonder which Matt I am. But I would love a gamil account if you want to give one out… I feel as if part of my nerdom is not complete without it.

  5. Hi, I\’m Christine, since ou had so many gmail invites, um, d\’you think I can have one too. I\’d really appreciate it if you could spare me one. lol. Sorry if this sounds rude since we don\’t know each other and here I am asking for something from you.

  6. yes it is kind of rude. :) if you provided a good story or something creative then perhaps! matt only got it because he admired my dramah and has supposedly been reading for a long time. so that counts.

  7. As I was telling a friend of mine, bloggers cannot even mention a word about Gmail — even if you aren\’t offering any — without leechers finding your blog and random people asking for an invite.

    But in all seriousness — as if what I\’ve written above wasn\’t honest and true and serious — I have an excess of invites as well. I\’ve already offered to my friends, nothing on GmailSwap really interests me, 1GB is enough to last me for a lifetime, what should I do with my invites?

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