Dentists makes your teeth chatter. I have changed my dentist almost every 2 years of my life. Due to cost. Due to location. Due to time constraint. Due to practice.

My latest dentist is this Indian guy who seems intent on beautification. In each patient room, there is this small tv. It drives me crazy that there is a TV. Each time I am brought into the room, I refuse to watch it, thinking it\’s mindless entertainment for suburbanites. What is the point really when one cannot reach it while being cleaned. After awhile, I figured out that it was meant to entertain the patient while they waited. Every appointment I had with the dentist, I have waited 30+ minutes or more. So is this what the mindless TV is for?

But I submitted myself today and watched a silent 30 minutes of CNN. Images of the President, the Iraq occupation, the hotmail mailbox increase, the empty commercials of ED and anti-Kerry, pro-Kerry…

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  1. All the shows I like get cancelled so I just download most of the TV I watch. IT seems to work for me.

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