My summer days are so boring. I think I have spent too much time with my parents. Now I know why my parents dread retirement. There\’s…nothing to do! So my daily schedule has been:

  • someone knocks on my door saying it\’s lunchtime (note: I am only living at home for the summer)
  • five to ten minutes later, I stumble downstairs and eat lunch
  • upstairs – get ready for work, maybe check my e-mail
  • go to work or go to sleep, check e-mail read (if there\’s no work)
  • if no work, I may go to Costco (I have been there twice this week already)
  • eat dinner
  • lounge in living room, watch TV until my eyes become glazed
  • take shower, go online
  • sleep
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    1. At least you\’re in a big city so there\’s other stuff to do. Go get sloshed at a bar or something, you know I would.

    2. Hi Tink!

      I would like a gmail address if you have any left! Sorry for telling you so late…I haven\’t been to my site in awhile :P

    3. At least you know what a living hell retirement will be. And we wonder why old people want to die.

    4. well I do supposedly have things to do: \”pack\” for Pittsburgh, actually complete my research; clean up my blog layout; clean my room

      But otherwise IT\’S JUST BORING!

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