I want to start my project for my digital video class. In some ways, it\’s my dream come true. I could be a director, editor, producer, actress, screenwriter…all in one! All just because I have access to a $1200 Sony digital video camera and Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro.

But as for my projects, I have so many ideas! Which one sounds the best?

1. The (former) friend a look at my self-destruction in the past 4 years; interviews with people I used to know but (accidentally or intentionally) burnt bridges; try to understand the meaning of the word \”friend\”; I already tried talking to someone, but it ended up almost as a debate of why I should change

2. Mike! Fernando! Random phone call guy! the dramatization of the random phone call guy fiasco of fall 2002; narration by me; use of images to symbolize moments

3. I have no professional training a documentary about how William Hung has impacted Berkeley; the true perspectives of non-fans; try to get an interview with Mr. Hung himself – most likely unsucessful – follow the steps of obtaining an interview like Michael Moore in Roger and Me

4. That Girl a straight-up autobiography of me me me me! Involving mostly fragments of my life interweaved with previous film work I did when I was younger

5. The old people a documentary of my (maternal) grandmother and step-grandmother; my dad refers to them as the old people; it\’s going to be really difficult because I have a very large language barrier with them; it would be interesting to me to focus on how my family was unaccepting of my step-grandmother when she suddenly appeared after my paternal grandmother passed away…then how my family had to accept her finally

6. plain music video, selecting a music piece of my choice and just place it against images

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  1. Do a mockumentary on people who still take care of their Furbys or Tomagotchis. It\’s a project I\’ve wanted to do for years. Just find some actors and have them all act lonely and pathetic.

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