Grrrrr…half of all my visits are from google searches for Kiss. Not going to help them anymore. Y\’all hear that?! It took a lot of google searching on my own to find information on them. People should suffer as much as I do. You can go here to find out how AZN one of the members is (and how teeny bopper she is too). Yes that\’s really Jini of Kiss. Go look for a true Korean music fanatic. No doubt, a month from now, my words will be indexed in google. I just checked. Someone came here searching for a rich/poor friend. That\’s it…I need to redo my layout.

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  1. i haven\’t said this for a while so here goes.. YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH YOUR TRACKERS!!! don\’t look so much into search results. at least you don\’t get people looking for pictures of shane west crying or austin nudity pictures (wtf?). or omg! anti jimmy eat world at askjeeves!!!

  2. austin nudity!? ahahahaha!! :P

    I seem to have a lot of people searching for \”aZn hoochies\” in my tracker. Oh why oh why.

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