Stacee probably likes this line:

Stacee is right.

Yes, I am very obsessed with my trackers although lately I haven\’t gotten any suspicious domains aka people who are reading my blog when they are not supposed to. Haven\’t noticed that many Berkeley domains with the exception of me checking from the lab. Hmm…so that means Cliff and Chris haven\’t been checking at all.

My latest google search: \”college personal essay\”. I am number seven. For the longest time, I think that my essay was probably the reason that I got into Berkeley and got rejected from UCLA. Berkeley likes quirky, strange people. UCLA likes people who are AZN and loved high school.

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  1. well, you\’re right about me liking that line. let\’s hope you\’re right about ucla too. cuz my essay shows how much i loved high school. i think.

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