Pink Taco! Besides the people who know what I mean by these two words, what kind of image does it evoke in your mind? And what kind of person would use such combination of words? (Not including me of course, I use it to make fun of people. tee hee!)

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  1. We ought to campaign for pink tacos at Taco Bell. Wouldn\’t they be such a hit on Valentine\’s Day? AWW HOW WOMANTIC!

  2. The name Pink Taco would definitely be a big hit as the next hip male gay club!!! Ironically, the name pink taco!

    I just don\’t see it doing any high class business with that kind of name. I guess you could do a middle row taco shop kinda thing. The taco would be filled with raw salmon and perhaps some pink-dyed ginger. Bon Apetit! :D

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