It\’s my sister\’s birthday today! :D Big (or actually younger – 14 months younger) lady is 21 today! Go wish her a happy birthday! (even if you don\’t know her) YO LADY!

This is the first time that I have come down to San Diego specifically for her b-day. Last year, I was too occupied with my internship to get away from the Bay Area. :( So far I have gotten her a creme brulee set, something that she had been wanting for the longest time.

Another story of sisterly bonding that I don\’t remember (just like last year\’s – I guess I am good at blocking \”bad\” memories from myself):
When I was 6 years old, my sister put boogers into my hair and I didn\’t notice. My mom and grandmother then washed my hair. Then when I was finished, my sister put more boogers in my hair while I wasn\’t watching. I was apparently easily oblivious to things around me. Then my mom asked my sister whether she was the one who did it. Being quite innocent, she said, \”I didn\’t do it.\”

Sniff, true sisterly love!

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  1. i read that cmu is installing washers/dryers with email. it will email you or text message or whatnot when your clothes are done

    there was a trial period last year and students liked it so much that you get to reap the benefits this year :)

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