So gross! Is it just socal or was it really me? Besides my observation that there\’s a lot more road rage here than in norcal, it seems that guys here are always constantly horny. Or at least, flirtatious.

I doubt that I have gotten \”better-looking\”. (Maybe I have gotten more confident over the last year, but WHY ARE THESE BOYZ being stupid, maybe I should revert back to my nerdy self.) Because my sister mostly had female friends at her b-day party, I was walking along with a group of well-dressed girls along the streets of downtown San Diego. As I was walking to a restaurant with my sister and her 3 friends, guys on the street would be honking. GROSS. And then when my sister got lost in the clubbing area of San Diego, we rolled our windows down to get rid of the humidity. Mind you, five girls in one car-an Acura Integra. As we inched along in the traffic, one guy in the opposite lane asked, \”How are you ladies doing tonight?\” To which, my sister immediately rolled up the window to his face. :D

Then as I walked with Anna (my sister\’s friend) to her car, two cars drove past us with a guy leaning out the window asking the same question, \”What are you doing tonight?\” Anna and I weren\’t wearing anything that revealing either. Instead of coming with a good comeback, we both dove into the safety of her GPS-enabled car (which was so cool by the way).

On our way out of TGIFridays, some football-like guys walked directly into us. And apparently, one deliberately fell in my sister\’s path and acted as if he was trying to catch her. She was surprised and didn\’t say anything. What\’s up with this? I never get this in Northern California (well besides the time when I walk through areas where construction workers take their lunch breaks, but it\’s just all a minor \”hi\”).

Nonetheless, I felt more at ease today. I could act like myself rather than trying to be someone who I wasn\’t. Maybe it was because my sister was around. But mostly, I met the right people.

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  1. thanks doink! but then attractiveness is all a matter of perspective. :) all in the eye of the beholder. for me, I have always thought I looked too nerdy…

  2. I think guys get horny because of the heat. It fry\’s a very pin-point section of our brains. That and the fact that our lower anatomy gets a bit warm because of the layers of clothing we have on as compared to just going shirtless. Can\’t do that on the bottom, can we?

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