It has almost been one entire year since I have driven the Acura Integra. And today, after a long trip to Irvine (I got to visit Vanessa, one of my coworkers from Foothill this year), my sister asked me to drive back to La Jolla. Then I realized how bothersome it was to drive in socal.

Everytime there was traffic, it always happened to be some car that pulled to the side because it was malfunctioning. Or maybe the CHP writing a car a ticket. It was the same old deal each time, no legitimate accident. Just people rubbernecking.

Even worse, it seems like more people around here are up to road rage. What happened to patience? Is being late really that bad? What happened to \”sharing the road\”? Ultimately, the chinese saying works \”they\’re all rushing to get their birth certificate\”!

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