My mom sent me recipes yesterday and I thought it was rather cute how she named them (but considering the grammar in the recipes, I think it was my dad that actually wrote them out).

And so here is the secret recipe to my mom\’s BBQ sauce. Not a secret anymore huh!

EZ BBQ sauce
Tablespoon=the blue Chinese spoon I sent you
Teaspoon=plastic teaspoon size
2 tablespoons of Hoisen sauce
2 tablespoons of catup
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 teaspoon of sugar
Mix all together and put in a bowl or bottle for future use. It must be covered well.

While learning how to actually cook for myself, I have learned that there are no secrets in how people prepare for themselves. People keep in mind of what they have available in their kitchen and from that, they\’re inspired. In the last month, I have made chicken drumsticks with potatoes/tomatoes, taco salad, and pasta. Of course, my favorite jiffy cornbread. So my plans for this week: mango chicken stir-fry and lasagna.

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